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War never changes. War never changes. WAR NEVER CHANGES.


War never changes. War never changes. WAR NEVER CHANGES.

That is the entire point of the series. That is especially the point of the show. War does not change.

Humanity was trying to rebuild, yes. But the entire point is literally that any one single selfish arrogant human can cause it to end it again. War can happen again. War will happen again. It is an endless cycle. And as people covet power, the whole thing will eventually topple.

That is why it is not a whole country that ended the world, it is a handful of heads from corporations.

That is why it is not a whole faction that “ended” the NCR, it is a single man from a bygone era who had a hand in ending the world the first time, that does it.

And I think that New Vegas showed us that the NCR was kinda crumbling already, too. The “fall of Shady Sands” wasn’t the bomb itself, it was the beginning of the NCR’s struggles. If I’m recalling New Vegas’ plot correctly, the NCR was already struggling to hold the wasteland, to integrate people into it. There were resource shortages, it was getting too big, they had other factions battling them for power, and maybe your actions as a player had some pull either direction, but it’s possible it wouldn’t last.

If it wasn’t a bomb, something else could’ve ended it at some point, too. Because war doesn’t change.

As long as there’s resource shortages, as long as there’s mistrust, as long as people don’t learn right from wrong, and as long as people muddy right from wrong.

That’s the show, that’s the games. Maybe the writing of that isn’t always the best, but that’s what it dwindles down to.

It is not a retcon, it is the main idea. It is not a “dumb take,” it is how the world is.

Even in real life, there is sometimes hope and some things improve, but it doesn’t stay improved, ever. Hope and despair comes in waves.

And war never changes.