Too many ignorant progressives trying to tear Biden down because they’re not happy about things…


Too many ignorant progressives trying to tear Biden down because they’re not happy about things Biden has no control over or he’s not doing their bidding or acting fast enough to keep them happy.

Here is a list of everything anti-Biden progressives are helping to bring into reality by their support of Trump or by voting 3rd party which is the same as voting for TFG:

1) Abortion will be banned nationwide.

2) Contraception will be banned shortly thereafter.

3) The Supreme Court will be locked hard-right for the next 30+ years.

4) The climate crisis will significantly worsen, beyond our ability to mitigate it.

5) More tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, spiking the deficit.

6) Trump will not leave office.

7) There will be a recession (there’s been a recession during every Republican presidency for the last 100 years – Google it).

8 ) Prices will NOT return to 2019 levels.

9) 50,000 federal workers will be fired and replaced with Trump loyalists per Project 2025. The lack of checks on his power will make it more likely he will remain in office beyond his term.

10) Similarly, the Department of Justice will shift to being under the direct control of the White House, allowing Trump to arrest anyone who’s been mean to him.

11) Russia will annex Ukraine then move to invade other eastern European nations, probably Poland first—with Trump’s support.

12) America will leave NATO.

13) Trump will, as promised, close the pandemic preparedness office.

14) Millions of citizens will be swept up in Trump’s deportation blitz.

15) Trump will use the military to arrest peaceful protesters and charge them under the Insurrection Act. Pro-Palestinian protesters will be deported as Hamas sympathizers.

I cannot imagine having so much privilege as to believe this is okay would not affect me.