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My mom kept all our baby teeth but she didn’t separate them so there’s just a box she had with like. Three sets of random teeth mixed around

Okay I’m so sorry this isn’t actually funny but it’s like. Really funny. I’m so sorry

wtf dogs lose their teeth. also who the fuck keeps baby teeth that’s horrific

My mom kept my baby teeth. And then my second set fell out so I kept those in a little bag and now we both have a set of my baby teeth.

wait what. how many teeth do you have im so confused.

I had 3 sets of teeth. So did my older brother. It was weird cause I’d had them for a few years and then they all started coming out all at once. Had a full new set in like 2 weeks. My dentist said it was fine since nothing grew out of place so idk.

I’m sorry what you grew teeth like a shark? What?

When i was younger I watched my babysitter take a plastic bag containing all her baby teeth and crushed them all into powder under the leg of a chair bc she was bored

Excuse me?

This post is like getting punched repeatidly, but from a different angle each time

World Heritage Post

y’all wanna see the body horror that is a skull that still has baby teeth?